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Budget 2024-25 Key Takeaways

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Budget 2024-25 Key Takeaways

Budget 2024-25 is a pre-election budget for the people with everyone getting a little something to ease cost of living pressures. Like the Price is Right gameshow, it will all come down to the price paid at the checkout.

For business, there is the extension of the $20k instant asset write-off again. The Government has also gone all in with its Future Made in Australia initiative part of which is to create Australia as a renewable energy superpower.


Highlights & Budget 2024-25 Key Takeaways for business


  • $325 energy relief for small business  

  • $20k Small business instant asset write-off extended

  • The Future Made in Australia initiative

  • Making Australia a renewable energy ‘super power’

  • Film producer tax offset

  • Small business support services


Click below for a full budget break-down

Budget 2024-25
Download PDF • 1.04MB

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